North East Feasts - Great British Menu Guest Chefs - Le Cochon Aveugle
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North East Feasts Tickets (SOLD OUT)

Following their Great British Menu success, our head chef Josh will be working alongside chefs Tommy Banks (Black Swan at Oldstead) and Danny Parker (House of Tides) to cook at Le Cochon Aveugle on Sunday 24th September 2017. In turn, Josh will then be cooking in both of these amazing kitchens as well.

Each chef will be cooking two dishes from their Great British Menu, offering diners a one-off chance to sample these creative dishes. There will also be a chance to meet and chat to each of the chefs!


Tickets are extremely limited. It will be possible to book either a lunch or dinner sitting, and tickets will cost £100 per person. They go on sale today (Wednesday 31st May 2017) – simply visit our booking page and select 24th September 2017 from the calendar to purchase tickets.

With regret, we will not be able to make any changes to this menu to suit any dietary requirements. If in doubt, please contact us before booking.