About Us - Le Cochon Aveugle - Restaurant in York
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Le Cochon Aveugle is a petite French restaurant situated in the heart of York.

We offer a unique dining experience that focuses on trying new things, sharing and above all, enjoyment. We do not have a fixed menu that is served day after day for weeks or months at a time. Instead, we are guided by the quality of the produce available to the kitchen from our carefully selected suppliers. Our chefs apply their skills and creativity to present bold and expressive dishes.

Visit us and become immersed in an extraordinary gastronomic experience from the moment you are seated.

Reservations are available from 6pm Wednesday to Saturday. It is highly recommended that all reservations are made in advance.

About Joshua Overington

In 2014 and at just 26 years old, head chef Joshua Overington and partner Victoria opened the doors to Le Cochon Aveugle.

Joshua has been passionate about food and its origins since he was a young boy, when his Grandfather – a gourmand in the truest sense and a huge influence in Joshua’s life – introduced him to the culinary delights in Yorkshire, as well as further afield in France and other parts of Europe.

Menus change not just with the seasons, but also with any produce available to him from his carefully selected growers, producers and farmers. He believes cooking with a lightness of touch – using his skills purely to enhance and showcase the inherent quality of the food itself.