Our Food - Le Cochon Aveugle - Restaurant in York
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Le Menu Aveugle

A ‘dining by surprise’ experience

Lunch – 4 courses – £40 per person

Dinner – 8 courses – £60 per person

We choose to ensure quality over quantity and therefore menus between tables and days may spontaneously change. For this reason we do not offer a written menu for you to read before dining. However, should you like to get an idea of our style of cooking, you can view a recent sample menu.

Please advise us of any dietary needs at least 24 hours prior to your visit as we may not be able to accommodate all requirements.

Wine Pairings

Food and wine share such a close relationship that it’s equally important to us for our wine list to reflect the same care and attention as our food.

Our wines have been carefully sourced from producers across France who share our ethos. We choose wines from smaller domaines where the focus is on how the wine is produced and the flavour that can be extracted – which is of course demonstrated in the sheer quality of the product.